10 Pro Hacks for Recycling Makeup

Who doesn’t enjoy a good makeup hack? They help you to save money (don’t we all need a little extra $$$ in our lives?), they help you to customize your makeup to your liking, and they help your creativity run wild. Easy and fun and great for emergencies, there are some makeup hacks that every…

Six Most Expensive Face Masks

The face mask is a symbol of self-care. It’s the image of a woman laying in a bubble bath with a messy bun, a glass of wine, and candles in the background. And, of course, she’s wearing a face mask. When teenage girls are having slumber parties or “he-cheated-on-me-but-I’m-glad-cause-I-was-too-good-for-him-anyway” parties, what are they almost always…

Maternity Outfits (That Don’t Look Frumpy)

Clothes shopping is already hard enough for a lot of women out there. Now, imagine if you have to find a kick ass outfit with a big ole baby belly poking out in front. For many women, this can be seen as a nightmare and tough to get through. Sure you can always do the…

3 Vegan Sauces

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since becoming vegan-ess… (I don’t call myself vegan because veganism is a way of life and a doctrine of sorts. While I am simply refraining from eating all animal products – which I am doing purely for health reasons – veganism is the act of cutting out ALL animal products….

7 Hair Trends of Spring 2017

Book your hairdresser appointments, ladies (and gents)! Cause here are the top hair trends of Spring 2017 and we all know that you’re going to try out at least ONE of these styles. Time to say goodbye to those milkmaid-inspired braids and hello to gemstone clips. Cause who doesn’t want a little sparkle in their life?…

3 Valentine’s Day Martinis

What better way is there to celebrate this loved-up holiday than with a good drink? Whether you’re spending it with your soulmate (Hey! You never know!), a group of your girlfriends (Cause you don’t need a man to have fun!) or by yourself (We all experience that Valentine’s Day at least once in our lives….

Top 8 Wedding Trends

Weddings and marriages can be a hot topic issue for a lot of us. People have protested in the streets to reach equality for it. Many people have gone into debt to achieve it. There are some people – with the number growing each year – who don’t believe in it. But, regardless of your…

Guiltless Super Bowl Snacks

Sure there’s the traditional Super Bowl snacks like cheese fries and loaded potato skins, buffalo wings (extra spicy please!) and pigs-in-a-blanket, fried pickles and mozzarella sticks. I seem to be getting a pattern of fried and cheesy stuff… But the Super Bowl doesn’t need to be a time when you throw your healthy eating to…

Valentines Makeup Look

Looking for a new look to rock on Valentine’s day? Check out this video by YouTuber, Kaitlin Emma, which features a bold eye look. Be sure to subscribe to her channel!

Veggie Smoothies (That Actually Taste Good!)

When it comes to drinking your fruits and vegetables, things seem to fall into one of two categories. There are either fruit smoothies or vegetables juices (aka, green juices). It has come to the point of being almost rare to see a recipe for a fruit juice (unless you consider Tropicana to be a healthy juice….

Top 5 Unknown Supplements

Everybody knows about the basic vitamin and supplements. We’re told to take calcium supplements to get strong bones and teeth, Omega 3 supplements for good heart health. Take vitamin C if we want our immune system to run at tone speed and pop a magnesium supplement if your digestion track is giving you some issues….