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Kate Bosworth Wedding Dress

Kate Bosworth shares a piece of her Special Day

This beautiful occasion was, not only showing the age-old tradition of a wedding dress fitting, but for a moment it transported us to what fashion truly symbolizes.

Kate Bosworth, who has just recently married Michael Polish, did something that not many other celebrities would dare to do; she let Vogue film her wedding dress fitting. Kate took the risk of showing true emotions, not something that many actors/actresses are known for, and allowed the eyes of millions to capture her expression when seeing her stunning Oscar de la Renta dress for the first time.

Clothes have been part of civilizations for thousands of years, but it is fashion that has invaded our lives the last thousand years. It is fashion that catches the eye and ignites the emotions. Fashion was created with a purpose, a woman’s secret agenda, to proclaim to the world of who she was. The color purple to show royal status to graphic T-shirts to show favorite charity, fashion has been the loudest voice of women.

Sadly, this voice has been getting quieter and quieter with each passing generation. Women are no longer sharing with us their clothing choices; less teens are going with friends to buy prom dresses, less parents are going with their children to help them pick out, and less women are going with loved one to pick out wedding dresses. What was once our biggest voice and strongest bonding experience to one another is slowly starting to disappear. Sure, the amount of fashion magazines and designers are at an all time high, but even they are not bringing together a fashion community.

What may seem like a small act, or perhaps even a publicity stunt, by many was an act of bravery and a step into what fashion used to mean all of those generations ago.

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