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Quick-Roasted Chicken with mustard and garlic

Quick-Roasted Chicken with mustard and garlic

I would first like to say that it was not I who created this recipe, but instead, it was chef Jacque Pepin of “Food & Wine” magazine who deserves full credit for this wonderful recipe. Being an devoted reader of “Food & Wine” I came across this recipe and decided that must try it out for myself.

It was no surprise, that with the simplicity of the recipe, my kitchen was already stocked with the small amount of ingredients needed to recreate the recipe. And with that, I channeled my inner Julia Child (and yes, I did need to restrain myself from playing with the chicken!) and brought in a little twist of Jacque Pepin, and started cooking.

With a few cuts of a sharp knife, the mixing of a few seasonings, and dip in the mixture (aka, the yummy potion) my chicken was given a one way ticket to my oven. Closing the door to the oven, after checking on it for the fifteenth time in 45 minutes (Sorry it’s just too tempting to peak!), I took out my chicken.

Golden brown skin, slightly glistening with rendered fat,  decorated with tiny specks of green; the sight belongs in a french cottage and appears awkward in my tiny NYC kitchen. Never the less! Who ever said that awkward wasn’t delicious?

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