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Fall Fashion 2013 vs. 2014

Fall Fashion 2013 vs. 2014

It’s no secret that fashion changes every season; it evolves, it challenges, it expresses, and in some cases it even repeats.

Now, I’m not talking out bringing back the fringed dress from the 1920’s, I’m talking about using the same trends as just the year prior. What was meant to be a new trend became a recycled item of clothing with, if lucky, a nice paint job.

With both 2013 and 2014 having eye catching pieces, whether they were recycled or not, it would be a sin against what it means to be a self-proclaimed fashionista and not share with all of you the items that will be shaping our closets.

Fall 2012 AND 2013 Trends

Faux Leather

faux leather 2012

Military Inspired

military 2012


peplum 2012

Fall 2013 Trends

Geometric Patterns

geometric pattern 2012   

Luxe Details

luxe 2012

Classic Menswear

menswear 2012

Fall 2014 Trends 


hats 2013

Bold Outerwear 

bold jackets 2013

Classic Prints with a Twist

classic prints remade 2013


emerald 2013


layering 2013

Pure White

white 2013

So everyone I think we can both agree that it was okay that these designers decided to repeat a few of their trends. I know I would even be happy to see the peplum styles in the 2014 Fall Fashion Shows!

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