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Grace Pub

Grace Pub

Watch out boys, pubs are now part of a woman’s world, and we even have a four century year old female fatale legend backing us up!

grace pub

Grace, named after a badass 16th century female pirate, is an Irish inspired pub with a mission to encourage women to stake their long overdo claim in the pub world. Away with the cocktails that have more colors then a peacock tail feather and in with the craft beers. Armed with his small army of well known female bartenders and staff, owner Danny McDonald, is ready to encourage the women of New York to grab a beer.

WIth the most expensive item on the menu being the Streamed Lobster, priced at a reasonable $34, the Grace Pub is an affordable dining experience. The variety of items on the menu allow everyone to find something that they would enjoy. You into steak? Well then just order yourself the Grilled Filet Mignon($34). Have a craving for fish? Then order the Grilled Sea Scallops or the Baked Lemon Sole($24).


Wether you want to relax and have a pint with your coworkers or taking your family out for a birthday, the Grace Pub is the best place to be.

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