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Children Makeup?

YouTube Makeup Tutorials, hosted by preteens as young as nine years old, have been attracting extreme criticism in the cyber world. With comments along the lines of “Is this what America has come to?” “You’re parents shouldn’t have you”, to even as extreme as “So this is what a whore’s childhood is like?” With more bad comments then good, it’s a head scratcher when trying to think of a reason just why these videos are popping up more and more every day. Are the little girls just looking for attentions (like most YouTube video creators…) or is there really a fan base for these types of videos?
YouTube makeup tutorials are made to teach the viewer how to apply makeup; whether it’s a subtle “Back to School: Spring Edition” to the extreme “Gold and Purple Cat Eye”. With step by steps of “How To”, YouTube could be seen as a godsend to the inexperienced and, in some cases, makeup inept.
Yet, when a person types in “Makeup for School”, the first ten pages or so are filled with tutorials more suited for high school, and even, college bound young adults. These videos are not suited for young girls who just wish to put on a little makeup to change up their look and have fun. So like anyone else who has ever wanted something that was beyond their reach; they created their own video.
Skin tone eye shadows and the lightest of blush, these videos teach preteens how to apply makeup without looking beyond their years. These are videos that we should be thankful for; because they teach young girls to bring out their natural beauty, not try to bring them down.
I wish I looked at these YouTube videos when I was young!
I was in the seventh grade when I attempted to put on my very first swipe of eyeliner, after being coerced by my older sister to try it (You got to love peer pressure, huh?) and it left be walking around like a raccoon for two full years!

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