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Four-Spice Duck Breast

Four-Spice Duck Breast

When asked about which protein you would like for dinner, the usual answers are: Chicken, Pork, or  Meat. For our vegetarians out there, the answer may be tofu; for our pescetarians, perhaps, a sea critter.

And then there comes the forgotten protein. The cut of protein, which in my opinion, is the most delicious, the most versatile, and did I mention the most delicious?


Thought to be a grueling protein to prepare, duck, has had a bad wrap among the dining field. Even restaurants, if they even serve duck, usually only give the customer a single entree option.

What is unknown to many, is that, duck can be prepared just as you would prepare chicken; only the finishing duck would be remarkably tastier then the bland chicken. Duck breast can be grilled as you would a chicken breast. A whole duck can be roasted as you would a whole chicken. Though both poultry, chicken and duck are worlds apart in flavor.

This recipe, created by Richard Betts, is featured in “Food&Wine” magazine. With only eight different ingredients, two of those being salt and pepper, this dish is simply elegant. Looking as though it would be more comfortable on a porcelain dish in a 5Star NYC restaurant, it is a surprise that this dish could be easily prepared in your own home.

Delicious, simple, and automatic, this dish will make duck a regular dish in your home. So move over chicken, Daffy Duck is coming home!


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