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Dinner talk around my family’s dinner table wasn’t the usual “Can you pass the salt?:, instead, it was always along the lines of “Is that my shirt?”.

Though my sister and I may swap clothes I treat my older sister’s closet like my own personal store. Hi everyone, my name is CannizzoClutch and I am a closet invaders. Anyway, though my sister and I may wear the white silk blouse, we wear it in a style worlds apart. Where my older sister would wear it with a gray peacoat, a silver necklace and and black skinny jeans, I would wear the same blouse with a black leather jacket, a teal scarf and black ripped skinny jeans. But though our personal styles may be complete opposites; we both look equally as amazing and stylish.

So in the spirit of sibling fashion styles, lets look back at some famous sibling and see just how they match up against one another. Are both the siblings magazine worthy? Or, should one be detained in the Fashion Police station.

Jennifer Aniston, actress of “We’re the Millers”, is known for her simply elegant fashion sense. Her half brother, Alex John Aniston, on the other hand, well, not so much.


The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, are an iconic part of the fashion industry; with million dollar clothing lines these twins know how to dress themselves. And it seems that the recently discovered Olsen sister, Elizabeth, proves that style can be hereditary.


Made famous by their family’s drama and reality shows, it’s easy to forget that the Kardasians play a role in the fashion industry through their retail store, Dash, located in L.A, NYC and Miami. Though all of the sisters have their own style, they all look lovely and always ready for a picture.


Now who could ever forget the Hemsworth Brothers, Liam and Chris? These competitive brothers were put up against each other for the role of tMarvel’s Thor, but it seems that their biggest competition is who could win the best dressed award. Now, Im going to just stop talk and let the ladies have a look.


Celebrities don’t always get fashion right. There are fashion disasters, fashion oops and, just simply fashion “Why did I ever think I looked good?!”. Now when you put a sibling into the mix, it makes the stakes go higher and the comparison stronger.

So listen up sibling! Find out your style, not your siblings, yours and when you find that out, then perfect it to make it the best.

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