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Evolution of Penny

After the CBS hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, won an Emmy during the 65th Annual Emmy Award Show, I’ve decided to create a post dedicated to one of the most beloved characters on the show.

Penny, or as Amy would say “Bestie”, has been a beloved character since the series air in Fall of 2007. She is seen as the fun loving, outgoing, live life to the fullest character of the show and was meant to be a stark contrast to the genius characters of Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard. But, seeing as the series was meant to be a show based around the lives of super smart, as well as super nerdy, scientists; the directors were unsure of how the audiences would like an “average” woman invading the dome of star trek, string theory and Halo. So they did what every production company has done in the past for misplaced female characters.

They introduce them with as little clothes as possible.

In Episode 1 of Season 1 of the Big Bang Theory, Penny is introduced to the Sheldon and Leonard, as well as audience, as their new neighbor. Penny is shown wearing a provocative, though I must say adorable, outfit and for the next two season Penny dresses much of the same.


It is not until Season 3 that Penny starts to wear less provocative clothing. The reason for the sudden change in wardrobe could be that the audience has grown attached to the character of Penny, rather then her body, and with that she has become a vital part of the show. Or rather, it could be because (Spoiler Alert!) in Season 3 Penny and Leonard had finally put on their big peoples pants and became an item; thus making Penny less likely to dress provocative in the need to get male attention.


And the Season 4 happens.

Penny and Leonard brake up, over something very stupid in my opinion, and Penny is seen slowly starting to dress as she did in Season 1 & 2. Though there are still scene where she is dressed in more clothing, it is far less then what she wore during Season 3.


And now Season 6 rolled by…..

During the last season Leonard and Penny renew their relationship, a relationship that should have never ended in the first place (Ya I’m Team Pennard….) and Penny is starting to, yet again, put more clothes on. In fact, the Penny is Season 6 seems to even have a thing for cardigans and sweaters.


From a Season 1 blonde eye candy to a Season 6 beloved character, Penny has evolved along with the rest of the characters and, with that, her fashion sense.

PS. Did you guys know that Sheldon has a girlfriend? Who knew!

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