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Opinion: Faux Leather

Last week, while my sister and I were at the mall, she made the horrible mistake of not trying on a pair of leggings that she purchased. Instead, she opted to just try them on when we returned home, I mean, they’re just leggings right? Who would ever think to try on a pair of leggings; aren’t we pretty much guaranteed a one size fit all kind of deal? Leggings are sort of like socks and would you ever try those on in the store. I think NOT!

Well, later that night, my sister decided to wear her new leggings to get drink with her friends at a local bar. Fast forward a scream/growl and a slam of the door (our poor door), and there’s my sister standing in front of me with her leg positioned up, as though to karate kick my butt. Now being the scrappy chick I’am, I get ready with my own ninja moves when I see what she is showing me on her leg.

The Culprit: Faux Leather

Guilty Of: Making Girls Butts Look Big

Tearing Apart In The Wash

Making Squeaky Nosies When Sitting, Walking, Jumping, Moving

Sneaking Up On Every Type of Clothing

Being Used By Older Women To Feel “Hip”

Just Looking Plain Trashy

Ya that’s right everyone I said trashy.

There is absolutely no positive reason for women to wear faux leather, well, anything! And especially not fake leather pants, and yet, during the Fall 2014 Fashion Show faux leather was seen as one of the tops trends. Now, I’m usually one of the first people to get on board with the trends from fashion week,  I love the emerald and the peplum styles, but there is just a line where I will not cross. That line everyone is Faux Leather.


The worst part about this trend is that it is popping up everywhere! Go into any clothing store and I guarantee you that half of the leggings and jackets will have a strip of the fake leather. To make it worst, the store employees always fold the clothes so the leather is unseen by shoppers; now you are left with the terror once you return home.


Another thing that is horrible about this trend is that it will not be going away anytime in the near future just because it is constantly being endorsed by celebrities. And, as we all know, what Beyonce wears today you will all be wearing it for the next year. What I don’t get is why celebs feel the need to even wear this hideous trend? You guys have money, so if you MUST wear leather pants, then at least buy the real thing. That’s right even us “normal” people can tell the difference between real and fake!



I guess a part of me, a very very very small part, can understand why teens and women in their twenties may want to wear leather pants. If done right it could look cool and edgy, but there is no excuse for women in their thirties and forties wearing faux leather pants. I know you may think it makes you look “hip” but it doesn’t, just trust me, it doesn’t.


So everyone, I would just like to plead, beg, grovel, pray  say, please do not feed into this obsession with faux leather. It will do you no favors and just please, for the sake of the eyes of society, try on your leggings before you buy them!

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