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Romantic Ponytail

I told you she would be back, didn’t I?
This past month I have come to the realization, the sad, terrifying, distressing, miserable realization, that I seem to have very boring hair. A little past the shoulders, and slightly curly, my brunette hair is in a major need of a makeover(wow I sounded just a little Devil Wears Prada, huh?).
So I have decided to bring in the best helpers that I know of to make my hair, well, not look like a mop of brown upon my head.
Believe it or not, but YouTube videos have helped me with anything from “How to Make a Cat Eye” to “Perfect Red Lip”. These videos are perfect for DIY.
So, take a look at this new video by LuxyHair and learn how to make a Romantic Ponytail!

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