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Melted Sandwiches

Melted Sandwiches

Personally, I absolutely despise sandwiches.

First off, I think they just taste weird; the mixture of bread, meat, vegetables and whatever sauce you decide to dress it with just doesn’t seem to mix well in my mouth. And no, I am not creating weird combinations; even a traditional turkey and cheese sandwich is just “wrong” in my mouth. Secondly, whatever sauce you decide to dress it with, whether it’s mayo, mustard, balsamic, italian, etc, it always has a way to make the outside of the bread soggy, no matter how little you put on. Thirdly, you can never find the perfect ration of meat and bread; either it’s to much bread that you don’t taste the fillings or it’s so little that it breaks apart when you are just have way finished. Fourthly, (thats a word right?), sandwiches claim to be the food that you get when you want something easy and on the go. Well, last time I checked, most sandwiches involve more ingredients then if I were to just pack a container of grilled chicken, brown rice and spinach. And where did the rumor that they are a “grab and go” type of meal? Have you ever tried driving or walking while eating a sandwich with one hand? Well everyone, I’ve seen it and it ain’t pretty.

What I am trying to say is that I do not like sandwiches, never have, never will.


I never said I hated paninis, hot sandwiches or subs, now did I?


Well, that is because I love those. I love how the bread gets that light warm crunch when it comes off of the stove or panini maker. I love how the cheese spreads over the entire sandwich and gives it almost a gooey texture. I love how the sandwich is almost sealed up closed, making it easier to walk with. I love how the warmth makes the filling taste completely different then their cold version cousin. I love how you have so many more options for how to make a hot sandwich or panini, and yet, all of these options are still heartier, delicious, just plain better.


I love getting an egg sandwich from my local bagel shop (Shout out to Utopia!) after a night out with the girls; still wearing my eyeliner from the night before.

Or, getting a grilled chicken, mushroom, roasted red pepper, artichoke and mozzarella panini from the best italian, best in general, deli in all of Queens, NY (Shout out to Tony’s!) on Saturday afternoon after I finished all of my school work.


As you can clearly see, I have a love for hot sandwiches and a hatred for cold sandwiches. So! I guess that it is good that I am sharing a link with you guys, “Food and Wine” magazine, of what seem to be some of the best tasting HOT sandwiches I have ever seen.

I will DEFINITELY be trying these at home!

I hope you guys do the same. Enjoy the cheesy gooeyness!

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