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Game of Thrones fashion line

Game of Thrones fashion line

“Winter is coming”

Okay, I’m sorry guys, but I just had to say that! Sure, it’s sounds so much better when Robb Stark is the one saying it, but I think I pulled it off right? Just pretend I’m in the center of a battlefield and it will work, right?


As you all can tell, I am a huge fan of the “Game of Thrones”series, written by George R.R.Martin; I read all of the books and have seen all of the episodes on HBO. I will even be so blunt as to say that I am a proud Team Jamie; take that Team Stark, Targaryen, Tully and Baratheon.

So you can just imagine the excitement I felt when I heard last April that a Game of Thrones inspired fashion line is in the preparation of it’s grand debut into stores. Designer, Helmut Lang, recently showcased his Game of Throne pieces during a New York Fashion show.


Designs inspired by main characters like Khaleesi Targaryen, Sansa Stark, and Joffrey Baratheon bring to the catwalk a touch of fantasy and the feeling of being brought into another time, another place, another world. Helmut Lang was careful to bring in the character’s personality and history into the designs in which they inspired. These pieces are absolutely stunning and have such beautiful designs within each of the them.


But, there’s just something that I can’t put my finger on. It is as though I have seen these pieces, these designs, before; oh that’s right I have see these pieces before! I have seen them on my television screen every Sunday during the Game of Thrones season. I feel that these pieces were not “inspired” by the series, but instead, it was as though they were taken directly from the set. In my book, it is the official costume designer, Michele Carragher, that should be thanked for this beautiful fashion line.


Although I do not believe that the credit was given to the rightful person, that does not mean that I will be boycotting the fashion line. Just because I don’t like animal cruelty, doesn’t mean I’m going to say no to a good piece of filet mignon!


I wish that they displayed more pieces that could be realistically worn in public, an no, I do not mean in public at your annual Comic Con. Hopefully, when the pieces are brought to stores, their designs will be remade into an outfit that can be worn by everyone. Another thing that I wished was included in the fashion line was more pieces based on the character, Cersi Baratheon; she always wears the most beautiful clothes in the series and it was a shame that her outfits were not a main focus.


Mysterious, Unworldly, and filled with as much Fantasy as a child’s dream, this fashion line will make a sure impression in the fashion world.


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