London Vacation

“London calling to the faraway towns, London calling to the underground”

Okay I admit, perhaps the 80s band, “The Clash”, did pull off these lyrics better then I do. Would wearing a leather jacket help my pursuit of British rock n roll? No? Fine….


I love London. It is so beautiful and filled with so many things to be entertained by; and trust me, it takes a lot for me to be entertained. I couldn’t even sit though the entire “Sex and the City” movie; I had to pause it about four times. Anyway, as I was saying, I have always had this great love and desire for London. I love the fashion. I love the cute British accents. I love the cobblestone roads. I love the Fish n Chips. I love the history. I love their huge fry-up breakfast. As you can tell, I have a thing for London and all things Londonish(Lets just pretend that’s a real word!). So you probably think that I have traveled to London multiple times, perhaps even lived there a little, right?

Well, sorry everyone, but sadly, the answer is no.


I have actually never even stepped foot in any part of the United Kingdom, I’ve traveled to Europe, but never the UK. But, I definitely plan to; I’ve been planning on traveling, and maybe even living in London, for the past nineteen years (all) of my life. And it is because I have been planning on traveling to London for so long that I feel that I have gathered some of the best activities to put on a “Things to do in London” list.

  • Visit the British Museum


  • Jack the Ripper Tour


  • Visit the Tower of London


  • Eat Fish n Chips in Soho


  • Shop on Oxford Street


I hope this short list gave you all a taste of what you can do in London. There is so much more that can be done, the festivals, the dances, the culture, etc. If anyone has gone to, or lives in, London be sure to write a comment on your experience!


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