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Trends are NOT a Law

I was never the type of girl to flat out follow trends.

When wearing ripped stockings under jean shorts became the latest “Thing” to do; did I wear ripped stockings under jean shorts?


No! I kept my legs ripped stocking free! If my legs were to cold then I tossed the jean shorts in the hamper and slide on a pair of long jeans

And do you know why I never even dared to wear that ripped stocking and jean shorts combo? No, it’s not because I’m trying to go against society or even the hierarchy of my school (well maybeeeeee a little hierarchy middle finger did play a little role).

But it is because I would like to think of myself as an actual, living, breathing, THINKING, human; who is capable of making her own decision and has her own sense of style. I refused to wear the ripped stocking and jean shorts combo because I felt that it was an absolutely horrendous style. Not only was the actually look of the entire outfit put together just a complete eye sore; but it was beyond inappropriate.

Mind you, this trend that went around my school took place when I was in the 5th grade. That’s right. Imagine your sweet innocent daughter wearing ripped stockings and jean shorts, so short that you would probably be able to see some cheek, and all of this before she even turns ten years old.


           So not only did I refuse to wear this combo because it looked absolutely horrendous and trashy, but because I refused to wear clothes like that when I was only ten years old. Now before you think, “I would never let my kids wear something like that”, well, I hate to be the ones to break the news to all of the parents out there, but you don’t have a choice. The majority of the girls in my class changed when they came to school and before they left school, and no, the teachers never said a thing.

What I am trying to say is that trends are not always meant to be followed.


Sure there are trends that are so amazing that you wish that they would return to us and never go away. Personally, I wish that it were more appropriate for adults, or at least college students, to wear Baby Doll style. That style was the perfect cut for my body type; it made my stomach less noticeable and made me look like I actually had a chest.


And then there are the trends that you wish never happened, so much so, that you have a slight desire to slap the person who created upside their head. We have all been there, looking back on picture, and realizing just how horrible you looked. I still can’t look at some of my family photos because, apparently, I always had a soft spot for animal face outfits.


Trends come and trends go, there are some we love and other we would rather the stores take away. They haunt us in our high school pictures and always seem to be in that funny story your mother tells about you time and time again. But one thing we can be sure about is that every trend will always come back to be worn again.

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