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How To Make Mudslides

Remember that moment when your parents finally decided that you were old enough to have your first drink, and when I say drink, I mean REAL drink.
I remember that moment very fondly, and, as very delicious.
I felt as though I aged ten years and was no longer that shy eleven year old, but instead, a cultured young woman. As though a single sip of alcohol would transform me into an adult, and you know, allow me to skip that awkward teenage years.
Mind you all, I was only eleven at the time so my perception of adulthood was just a little “Iffy” to say the least!
So when my father said I could older, actually, HE could order me, a drink while we were out to dinner for my Papa’s Birthday I was all for it.
My father waved over the waiter and asked for something called a “Mudslide” and I remember thinking, “Huh?”, that’s not what everyone else ordered!
Feeling sad and disappointed in thinking that my father was trying to make fun of me by thinking me stupid enough to give me a fake drink, I sat in my chair with a puss on my face.

Then it happened; the waiter came over with what looked like a giant vanilla milkshake, topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream, and placed it down in front of my father.

*Yes everyone, my daddy is the best in the world because he took the blame for ordering the most girly drink on the menu!*
My father then slide it over to me and I, thinking that he ordered it for me as a peace offering for making fun of me before, decided to forgive the poor guy. I mean, I had to, the guy just got me a giant milkshake BEFORE dinner!
So here I am, just sipping away, in my own personal milkshake heaven when all of a sudden I hear my nana yell out, “Robert! You’re giving my granddaughter alcohol!”
Oh, I think, so this is a mudslide!

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