Okay, I just know that we have all been in this type of situation in some part or another in our life. And, if you are the 1% of the population that hasn’t, then just bare with me and pretend.

It’s that situation where there is always that one person that everyone loves; yet, you absolutely cannot stand the person. Whether it’s a classmate, coworker, or even, a person who was able to invade your very own friend group. You constantly wonder why everyone seems to just love that person, when you can’t even stand to hold an entire conversation with him or her.

But, because they are apart of your life and basic etiquette frowns upon punching a person without them talking about your mama; your only choice is to just sit back and wait for everyone’s rose colored glasses shatter.

*I have changed the name of the girl in the story to Cupcake*

I remember this girl in my high school, named Cupcake, who was everyone loved. Throughout my entire four years of high school all I heard on a daily basis was, “Isn’t Cupcake so pretty”, “Isn’t Cupcake sweet”, “Isn’t Cupcake so smart” blah, blah, blah. At first I didn’t think much of it; and besides, the girl was a part of my group of friends (she was recruited by another friend), so it was my job to be nice to her.

But after years of hearing just how wonderful this girl was by EVERYONE, it came to the point where I started to, kind of, despise her.  I kept thinking to myself, “Why can I not stand this chick?” then I realized that she was a completely rude to everyone around her.

When social etiquette requires you to respond with a compliment after being given one she would just say thanks and turn away. She would constantly have people pay for her and would never pay them back; even when her father was an orthodontist. She would only wear clothes from American eagle and Guess, looking down on the girls who “slummed” with Forever21 and H&M.

This girl was absolulty rude and being told on a daily basis that she was God’s gift to mankind only made me hate her more.

There are plenty of “Heroes/Heroines” in movies that evoke the same emotion in people and, in my opinion, need to be knocked off of their pedestals.

Edward & Bella

The Twilight characters, Edward and Bella, are portrayed as a couple that will be forever in love and have fought to be together although the four book series.


Reasons for pedestal destruction

  • Send the message that you are mature enough at seventeen to decide that you have found your “One True Love”.
  • Promotes teenagers to lie to their parents and to bring boys into your room.
  • Promotes getting married before you are even in college
  • Sends the message that it is okay for a guy to take apart your car so that you can’t see your best friend.

Spider Man

The Marvel comic book character, Spider Man, is portrayed as an awkward nerd who gets transformed into a super hero to fight crime with spider like powers.


Reasons for pedestal destruction

  • He kissed another woman, in front of everyone, when he was in a relationship with Mary Jane.
  • He took forever just to man up and tell Mary Jane how her felt about her, AFTER she was engaged to an astronaut. (Seriously, every girl’s nightmare…)
  • He lets his emotions control him; when he was having a bad period he turned into the “Anti” Spiderman.


The real life-turned-movie character, Paris, is portrayed as an innocent Trojan price that lives in the shadow of his brother and trying to live with the woman he loves.


Reasons for pedestal destruction

  • He, basically, took another man’s wife just because she was beautiful after meeting her for only a few days.
  • His “love” for the woman (Helen) led to a war between Troy and the Greeks, leading to the death of thousands of soldiers.
  • He caused the death of his brother, and heir to the Trojan empire, because he refused to give back Helen.
  • He never even fought in the war that he caused, but instead, stayed hidden behind the city walls in luxury.


            The Titanic tragedy inspired character Rose, portrays a poor (not literally) girl who is being forced to marry a man she does not love and lives within a society that she deems unfair.


Reasons for pedestal destruction

  • She constantly complains about her social class, yet, she has no problem dressing in diamond and having her servants tend to her.
  • She refused to marry a man, who could save her entire family from destitution, simply because she does not love him.
  • Tried to kill herself, without thinking of how it would affect the people around her, just to get out of a marriage. Tip: It’s always better to talk then to jump off of the side of a boat.
  • She jumped back onto the sinking ship, after being put on a lifeboat, making Leonard DeCaprio to try and save her.
  • The woman wouldn’t take turns on the floating door!

So here it is everyone, just a few example of “Heroes” who should be seen in a different light and not upon pedestals.

Do you have anyone in your life seen behind rose colored glasses?

Leave a comment and tell your story.

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