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France Vacation

Growing up I always had this dream of becoming French, which, as you all may already know, makes it kind of awkward when I wish to move to London after I graduate from college…

I have always seen the French women as being born with a third chromosome, lets call it chromosome F, that gave you the ability at birth to be timelessly stylish and fashionable. In my eyes, French women have the etiquette of royalty and the mannerism of true ladies. They are one of the best cooks that I know of, aside from my Italian nana, and have given my taste buds crepes, escargots, and coq au vin; all of which my mouth would like to think you. They are the host of two of my favorite weeks of the year, Paris Fall/Spring Fashion Week, and give the public a glimpse inside the world of Jean Paul Gaultier and Stella McCartney.


Now I will not even get into the beautiful architecture and monuments that France holds within its grasp! But, because I am such a nice person, I’ll name a few: St.Seraphin de Sarov, Arenes de Nimes, and of course, the Notre Dame Cathedral.

A few years ago, I traveled to France for a little more then a week and was very much surprised when I arrived. You see, Americans have created this sort of image in our heads of what France and what French people are really like. I got off of the plane ready to be given looks/glares, refused a taxi ride because of my American accent, and only spoken to in English if I were to ask a local for directions to the nearest pastry shop. Prepared for what I thought would be a trip filled with rude and inconsiderate French locals, I put up my invisible  “shield” of  “I don’t care how you guys treat me! I am in France, Suckers!”


Yet within just ten minutes of getting off of the plane, I saw that there was absolutely no need for my invisible shield.

Not only, within just ten minutes, did I realize that I have not gotten a single sideway look for asking how to hail a taxi in Paris in English; but the person I asked even responded in English. There was no, “ Je ne parle pas anglais”, just “Where do you need to go” Maybe it’s close”. Let me just tell everyone, that, single encounter changed my views on the French and had not met on rude person on the rest of the trip. I know, lucky, huh?

It is because of my amazing experience in France that I would like to share with you are a short list of “Must Do and Must See”

Visit the Nice (The Province) Street markets and Beach


Watch a Film at Etoile Pagode Cinema


See a Shakespeare play in Bois de Boulogne


Take a Cooking class in Paris


Go Wine Tasting in Champagne


Drink hot chocolate and eat macaroons at Pain de Sucre


Window shop at Triangled d’Or


So here it is everyone, just a handful of activities that you can do while vacationing in France.

Au Reviour!!

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