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Pistachio Crusted Rack of Lamb

Pistachio Crusted Rack of Lamb

Now, before any of my Greek friends from high school or the owner of the Mediterranean restaurant from down my block invade my room to beat me, I would like to confess one thing…

I hate lamb! I hate eating it, making it, ordering it from restaurants, etc.!

I never liked the taste of the roasted lamb that my aunt made for her family get together that took place during the month on November; she would roast the lamb, as you would a piece of roast beef, in the oven surrounded with potatoes, carrots, celery and anions. Or even, the rack of lamb that was guaranteed to be on all New York City steak house menus for the price of a triple digit number.

Those few times I have tried to make it myself, the meat always came out too raw, or even, greyish in coloring. And I don’t quite know what I did wrong, but even with the recipe followed to a T, it always came out with taste that was just wrong.

Like I said, I don’t like lamb; but me being the stubborn gal I am, must eventually perfect this hunk of meat.

And so I try and I try, and then I try some more, with recipes from the Food Network to my great grandmother’s cookbook in the back of my great aunt’s closet. I tried lamb chops, lamb roast, rack of lamb (I don’t recommend making unless you are a pro!) etc., and still, it comes out just plain WRONG.

So last week, when I was sitting at home trying to get out of writing my research paper for composition, I decided to just flip through a “Food & Wine” magazine. I wasn’t looking for recipes of any kind, not even new cookie recipes, just flipping out of pure boredom.

And then, staring back at me towards the end of the magazine was a beautiful rack of lamb.

“It looks so good”, I say to myself, “Oh! Are those pistachios, I had pistachio ice cream one…”

No! I couldn’t! I shouldn’t! I won’t!

And then it is two hours later and I’m walking though my front door with a bag of grocery in my hand.

PS: How does NO always turn into YES when it comes to food? Answers any one?

After lugging  everything up the stairs, I set up all of my cooking equipment: roasting pan, cooking board, skillet, etc. I step back and admire the beautiful setup that I made myself in the kitchen, then, taking a breath and prepare myself for the task that I am about to do.

“Hey mom, you know how to cook rack of lamb right…”

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