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Kool-Aid Hair Dye

This “How To” video was created by thatsummer YouTube account.
It seems that, lately, everything has been revolving around color. Whether you are wearing the right color to match your skin tone, your food has enough color contrast, your eyeshadow is the right color to make your eyes “POP”, etc.
Colors are playing a bigger role in, not just the fashion industry, but in the everyday life of the average teenage and young women. We are more focused of how colors influence our moods, how it makes strangers view us, and, just how well we can make ourselves look.
With this new mindset of colors, brings a new fashion trends, and these trends have allowed us more free range in our appearance. You are no longer thought of as a “rebel” or a “loser” because you have dyed your hair an unnatural color; but instead it is seen as creative and freeing.
Unfortunately, not many of us have the money it takes to get your hair dyed by a professional. Or, we only wanted our hair to be dyed for a short period of time without killing it through the use of chemicals.
That is when this video comes in!
This video shows viewers step by step of how to dye your hair with something as simple as a packet of powder Kool-Aid. Though it can be a little messy, this technique is cheap, effective, and tasty, alternative to harsh, chemical dyes.

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