John’s “Best” Pizza

A few days ago I was working with my father in Ridgefield, Connecticut. I know, I was a long way from home for a gal in love with New York City. Anyway, after working since the early morning and working the entire day, I think you all could understand that I was hungry. Correction, I was starting to become tempted into buying a small thing of maple syrup from the giant Super Wal-Mart across the street, smearing it all over my arm, and letting myself have away with it. But alas, self-cannibalism (That’s what it would be called right? Oh well, let’s just pretend that is what it is called!) is frowned upon in, I’m pretty sure, all countries at this time.

So I had to gag and shut up my hunger pains and little (LOUD!) tummy rumbles with those two cups of coffee that I was able to sneak in during those rare times I could escape.

PS: Girls, and boys, if you are really hungry, never drink black coffee. It is painful and makes you feel like it is burning a hole in your stomach! At least find a mini bag of pretzels or nuts.

Okay, back to my epic story of labor and hunger!

After driving for the majority of the day, my father said those beautiful words, “Hey, I’m starving, wanna grab food?” and of course my answer was, “Sure, if you’re eating, I guess I’ll order something”.

Being familiar with the area, my father told me that we can eat at a restaurant called, “John’s Best Pizza” and I was all for it. In my opinion, nothing is better for an empty stomach then a good Italian meal.

2013-10-05 15.53.31

                When we pulled up to the restaurant, it looked innocent enough; the exterior was a simple brown wood and it had a medium size statue of a waiter standing right outside of the entrance door. For all intent and purposes, the restaurant looked like it would have a good standing in an area where the only other restaurants I saw were chains: McDonalds, Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, etc.  It seemed like this restaurant would be the only “one of a kind” dining place in the area, and personally, I find that those have the best food.

2013-10-05 16.04.40

                You can just imagine my surprise that when I walked into “John’s Best Pizza” there was not a single customer in the restaurant; only a middle age dyed blonde waitress and a plump old man sitting by what looked to be a sort of greeting table. Looking around, I saw that the interior was “Quant” to best describe it. There was nothing special about it, basically just a room with tables; and the parts that were supposed to be “eye catching” were stereotypical Italian fixtures you see in movies, or Olive Garden.

2013-10-05 15.53.25

             The worst part was the mural of the “Old Country” that was painted on an entire wall in the back; it was badly painted, inaccurate and smelled of mold when you stepped to close to it. Come to think of it, the entire place smelled of mildew and dust, which kind of lessened my appetite.

2013-10-05 16.02.57

            Only lessening my extreme hunger, I was still hungry enough that I wouldn’t refuse food if it was offered to me. So, sitting down and looking quickly over the menu, my father and I decided what our orders would be. We both decided to just get appetizer portions for out entrée; my father ordered sautéed escarole with Italian sausage ($9.75) and I ordered calamari posillipo ($10.95).

2013-10-05 15.52.20

            Waiting for our food, I must say that there were two things that “irked me”; first was that we were not given bread and butter or olive oil and second was that they offered hamburgers. I never trusted restaurants that offer food outside of their specialty; would you ever get sushi from a Mexican restaurant?

Finally, after asking for our drinks to be refilled four times, our food arrived. My father said that his escarole was good, but could have used more garlic and less olive oil. My calamari was pretty good too, I’ve had better of course, but it was nothing to complain about. I wish I had a lot more garlic in mine as well.

2013-10-05 15.52.04

Overall, my final thoughts on the “John’s Best Pizza” would be to use it as a last resort if you do not want to eat olive garden.

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