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In Defense of Leggings

I love leggings!

There I said it; I, Cannizzo Clutch, loves leggings!

I love how they are so much more comfortable to wear then jeans. I love how you can find them in any color, whether it’s a simple black or neon kittens, there are so many choices to choose from. I love how, if worn correctly, they can make any outfit seem more edgy and “put-together”.


And I especially love how they can even make the most pancakes like of butts look a little round. As you all may be able to tell by that declaration, I have been cruelly given a pancake butt, in a family of “Baby Got Backs”


But even with all of the good things about leggings, whether it’s comfort, fashion or just the illusion of a bigger butt, we are constantly told by the media that leggings are a fashion NO-NO. Try to count the amount of times that leggings were black listed on the “What Not To Wear” section of a fashion or beauty magazine; perhaps to many to count? We are told that leggings look cheap and tacky, that they should only be used for three-year-old little girls and that they make your thighs look huge.


And you know what? They are right, but ONLY if the person wears them the wrong way.  Lets, be serious, if you are an item of clothing two sizes to small of ANYTHING, then of course you are going to look “plumper” then you truly are. Personally, I am a size 4 in USA pants, but even I would look “plump” if I were to try and squeeze myself into a size 0; ignore the fact that I would probably have a collapsed lung from sucking it in so much.


The key to looking amazing in leggings (hmmm that rhymed…) is to know your body type. If your are a plus size woman, then it would be better for you to wear a longer shirt with the leggings, instead of a tank top. Leggings, also, look best when worn with a nice pair of boots; this allows your legs to look thinner and longer.

Another very important tip when wearing leggings is to make sure that they are not to tight or worn out. Or you’re at risk of looking like this….


Leggings are one of my favorite items of clothing. They are perfect for when I’m in a rush to class; where can just throw on a pair of leggings, a simple top and pair of boots. They are perfect for when I am running to the market (Yes, I still use that word) and I can just throw on a pair of leggings with flats and a sweatshirt. They are even perfect for when I want to shop around Manhattan; all I need is a pair of leggings, a nice blouse, a pair of healed boots, and a cute blazer.


So, I’m sorry to burst your bubble fashion magazines, fashion bloggers , and the all powerful “Fashion Police” cast, but leggings are here to stay.

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