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Every family has their own secret remedy; something that they will always go to without a second beat as a first choice “fixer-upper”, or even, a last choice hail Mary.

I once knew a family who would rub petroleum jelly on EVERYTHING because they were convinced that it was the best healer. My best friend’s mother eats the raw skins of salmon, because she is hell bent on the fact that it cures everything from a runny nose to split ends. All families, or at least a few members, have a secret remedy that they just KNOW will help anything from a sore throat to an ingrown toenail to a bad dye job.

My family’s “GO-TO” remedy is, and will forever be, Olive Oil.


Yes, yes, I know; an Italian family using olive oil as a home remedy, how cliché. Well, that is where you’re wrong.

(Not the whole cliché part because even I find that funny!)

But that you actually think we only use this remedy because of our nationality. I will swear on my own life that olive oil is the best remedy there is, and besides, what home doesn’t have a bottle somewhere in the back of their cabinet?


Just to give an example of how olive oil helped my family. My older sister bruised her shinbone in a drunken “Oops” and the next morning it was very swollen and was the colors of red and black. For the next two days she religiously rubbed olive oil on her leg and by the times she went to the doctor on the 5th day, the once hideous bruises and swelling was just a light shade of yellow.

Though my family uses olive oil as a remedy, mostly for “serious” ailments, I personally use it for its beauty powers.

Olive Oil Beauty (Top 10)

  • Make Cream Based Eye Shadow.


How To: Mix together a few drops of olive oil with any powdered eye shadow and you will get a cream eye shadow that will last longer then any drugstore can offer.

  • Paint The Perfect Manicure


How To: Before you begin your manicure, or pedicure, first rub your cuticles with olive oil. Make sure to rub it in very well, as though you were rubbing in hand lotion. This will help remove the excess polish that went beyond the hand.

  • Lose Weight Without Hunger


How To: Olive oil is a great appetite suppressants. So, before you have a meal, drink a teaspoon of olive oil. Make sure that you do not drink a tablespoon by accident because then you would be consuming an extra 300 calories a day.

  • Moisturize Your Skin


How To: This remedy is straight shooter. Simply rub olive oil on you as though you were applying a body lotion. Remember, a little goes a LONG way when it comes to olive oil. It works great on ashy elbows!

  • Plump Your Lips


How To: Mix together olive oil with a very little bit of cinnamon. Remember, cinnamon is a lot like olive oil where a little goes a LONG way! The mixture should be the color of beige; one your have that color apply a very SMALL amount to your lips. Warning: You will feel a little tingling.

  • All Natural Facial Scrub


How To: Mix together olive oil, brown sugar, and very little cinnamon. After you combine the three ingredients, use it as you would a regular face scrub. The olive oil will give the skin moisture, the brown sugar will get rid of dead skin, and the cinnamon will help impurities.

  • Remove Your Makeup


How To: This one is pretty self explanatory, and has probably been used by everyone, at one point or another. Simply put olive oil on a piece of tissue or a cotton ball and gently wipe away your makeup. This is best for mascara because it will prevent you from losing your eyelashes!

  • Get Rid of Acne


How To: Okay, even I will admit that using olive oil to get rid of acne, which was probably caused by acne, may seem a bit weird. But here is a little piece of science for everyone; facial oil is produced when your skin is dry, so if you moisturize your face with good oil, then there will be no need for bad oils. Just rub about a dime size drop of extra virgin olive oil on your face and rub it in with hot water; a steamer will work best.

  • Dye Free Scalp


How To: Before you dye your hair, or hopefully someone is willing to dye it for you, rub olive oil around your hairline, ears and back of your neck. This will prevent the hair dye from dripping onto and staining your skin.

  • Prevent/Cure Split Ends


How To: Everyone hates split ends; they are almost impossible to prevent, harder to cure, and cause you to get you hair (Which you have been trying to grow for the past two years) chopped off. To prevent, and even cure, split ends, rub them with a little bit of olive oil after you get out of the shower. Remember, only apply it to the tips!


Well here it is everyone! Ten simple ways that olive oil can make you even more beautiful then you already are. Olive oil is inexpensive, easy to find and all natural; how you will use these tips.

Make sure to leave a comment about your family’s home remedies!

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