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Homestyle Beef Stew

“I wonder if I could trade in my little brother for food?”

Before any of you guys panic and call child services, no, I am not going to actually trade in my little brother for a piece of food.
A Ferrari and private island? Perhaps.
Being a college student, the thought of how to get food is constantly on your mind. You think about getting the food on your campus; but then you realize that you are sick of eating PINK, that’s right everyone, I said PINK chicken that cost $8.00 for a single piece. You think about ordering takeout food; but then you realize that you would probably have to pay even more after tip and that damn Grub Hub site keeps crashing on you right when you are about to click DELIVER. You even consider cooking for yourself in your dorm room, perhaps you would cook for your roommate as well; but then you realize that anything that could be cooked in the microwave isn’t really worth eating.
I’m sorry, but microwave hot pockets or any hot pockets, don’t really tickle my fancy…
Now, it’s only been the first month after college has started and you and your friends are having a conversation about how you would trade your siblings for a nice plate of warm, freshly made, food. Of course, there had to be that one person in the group who is an only child, so we allow him to make believe he’s trading in his hamster. We are a group of college kids who are sick of rubbery chicken, water downed soup, burnt coffee and empty wallets; so being as that we are still just teenagers, we then did what all teenagers do when they are upset.
We turned to YouTube.
After a few hours of watching a cat doing a scared face, a fat kid falling out of a roller coaster, and a sneezing panda cub; one of my friends decided that he would be a jerk and keep putting on “How To” videos about food. He put played a “How To Make White Pizza”, “How To Make Chicken Piccata”, and then he crossed the line.
That little twerp put on a “How To Make Beef Stew”. Now, that may have seemed innocent enough, but let me just give you a little background on my relationship with stew.
I love it. I would eat it whether it was the freezing winter or the hot summer. I love to cook it and I’m constantly remaking my original recipe to make it better. And I haven’t had it for the longest time because I have been too busy to make it.
So when he put on that video it meant WAR!
This is the video that he decided to put on and I would like to share it with everyone. I hope that you have the time to make this wonderful stew! And I must say, even though I was angry at my friend, at least he knew how to pick a good video!

This video was created by the DishinWithDi YouTube account and all credits for the video go to her and her lovely recipe.

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