Halloween Prerogative

Okay everyone, I’m going to do the unthinkable, and give all of you guys a big heaping dose of reality!

College girls on Halloween dress like s**ts.

Notice that I said DRESS like s**ts, not that they are s**ts!


From my experience of being in college, and from even at a younger age, witnessing it from the campus of my older sister’s college; I have come to the hard truth that college girls just love to dress up like s**ts on Halloween. Now, before all of you girls start writing comments, about how I don’t know anything or that I can’t judge everyone based on my experience; let me remind everyone that this site is mostly based around my opinion and this is my opinion.


And like anyone else, I get my opinions from past experiences. Whenever I would visit a college during Halloween, my eyes would be attacked by more Sexy Kittens, Devious Devils, and Lustful Vampires then a gothic erotic novel. It even seemed like every year the hemlines to these outfits were getting shorter and shorter; to the point that girls were wearing bikini bottom underwear.

I would just like to say that another reason why I am allowed to write about girls dressing like s**ts on Halloween is because I am one of those girls, and I am proud of it too!


I love dressing like a s**t on Halloween, because it is the only time of the year that I do, and I do not have to fear being judged. When every girl is dressed in as little amount of clothing as you are, then they are unable to judge you, without judging themselves.


Last year I was a Devious Devil and I never felt more alive; I felt more empowered then I had in a long time. The best part was that on November 1st, the day after Halloween, I am able to slip back comfortably into my role as the proper young lady who enjoys writing and reading during her free time. And like many girls, I was never held “accountable” for the way I dressed the night before; try to remember the last time a girl was judged for a Halloween costume by her peers, you can’t.


But in the end, it all comes down to the same question that I have been asked by parents, professors, pretty much every adult, since I started dressing sl**ty on Halloween; “Why do girls dress like that?”


I would like to say that I have a concrete answer for this question, but honesty, I don’t. As cliché as this may sound, everyone has a different reason for why they dress the way they do, even college girls. I had a friend freshman year who dressed as a Hot Tinkerbelle because she was pledging for a sorority, whose official colors were green and silver, and she wanted to impress them. I had a friend, who was a junior, who dressed as a Sexy Lion because the guy she really liked was named Leo, which means lion.


 And for my reason,

I dress like a complete and utter s**t on Halloween because it is the only time when I feel the most alive. If I could dress like a s**t everyday, without the fear of being seen as a s**ty person, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Sexuality is a woman’s greatest power and strongest shield.


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