In Memory of “The One”

My greatest love affair was, not with a man, but a pair of heals.

They were the lightest shade of pastel violet and smooth suede; I found them in the clearance rack of JCPenny for only $15.99 at the age of eleven.

I begged, bargained and pleaded with my mother to let me buy them; “I’m the one paying for them”, “They are so pretty”, “They will be my Christmas present” were just some of my pleas.  My mother’s response to all of these was “You’re too young” and she would then try to lure me over to section where they were displaying flats.

But I could not be deterred!

Later on in our trip to the mall, I told my mother I had to run to the bathroom and made a little “detour” through JCPenny.

I don’t think I need to tell you guys what I did; but lets just say I had a pair of beautiful pastel lavender suede pumps in my Build-A-Bear box.

Those shoes were my pride and joy for two wonderful years (My feet had a growth spurt…) and were the beginning of my love for heals and all things fashion.

In honor of the pair of heals that changed it all I would like to share with everyone my Top Ten Reasons To Wear Heals

 -They make your legs look longer and thinner


-They tone your calves and gluts


-They make your butt look rounder and gives it a little “push” up


-They make ladders easier to climb


-They make any outfit look more “Put Together”


-They could be used as a weapon if you are attacked


-They make leggings look like tight fitted black slacks


-They make awesome clicking noises when you walk; free music


-They make you feel and look more professional


-They are CUTE!


So here are just ten reasons why I think that heals are the most amazing shoe there is to be worn and why I think more women should wear them.  If you have anymore to add to the list leave a comment!


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