Top 7 Weight Loss Apps

I would like to believe that I am an advocate for the belief that everyone is beautiful in his or her own way. Whether you are ten pounds over weight or ten pounds underweight, whether your hair is long, and blonde or short, curly and black, whether you have a few stretch marks around your stomach and thighs or wash-board abs; everyone has a piece of beauty within them.

Or as I would like to say, “Everyone has there built in WOW factor”.

My sister’s “wow factor” is her long shiny brunette hair, my brother’s “wow factor” is his golden Italian skin, and my “wow factor” is my light green eyes that turn yellow in the sun.

I am a strong believer that everyone has a piece of beauty within them, but, I can understand the desire to lose a few pounds. I understand wanting to lose those five pounds you gained during the holidays when you gave the pumpkin pie too much love. That’s why I, personally, use the apps that are on my phone and computer to help me lose those few pounds tagging along for the ride. I created a list of my “Top 7” apps for weight loss and included an app that I feel does more harm then good.

Top 7 Weight loss Apps

-7 Minute Workout






-Fitness Pro



-Livestrong Calorie Tracker



-Instant Heart Rate



-Atkins Carb Tracker



-Women’s Health Magazine



I Would NOT Recommend

-BMI Calculator


I feel that this app does more harm then good because it most focuses on numbers. It does not take muscle mass or bone density into consideration. My sister and I both have really dense bones. Meaning that we can weigh X amount of pounds and fit into a size X, while another person, who weighs the same as us with less dense bones, will wear a size XX. Only focusing on numbers can make a person feel bad about themselves if the numbers are not going down and lead them to quitting.


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