Vincent’s Clam Bar

Occasionally, my roommate and I like to pretend that we are actual adults and not just a couple of goofy, loud, college girls; whose biggest worries are whether or not the boys we like sit next to us in class.

Some mornings we get up early and read the New York Times with a cup of coffee (okay, actually it’s hot chocolate). Sometimes we go food shopping at our local “Stop and Shop” and make a meal for a mini dinner party with a few friends; today it’s going to be roasted chicken thighs with lemon orzo and garlic broccoli. We are even in the process of launching our own online cookie business called “Royal Bakery”.

All in all, I think that my roommate and I are capable of doing some pretty “adult-like” task during our time in college. But there is always one thing that is guaranteed to makes us feel the most mature; and that is going out to a restaurant that doesn’t have a kid’s menu or disposable table clothes.

Last Saturday my roommate and I went to “Vincent’s Clam Bar”, located on 179 Old Country Road in Garden City, New York. The easiest way to find “Vincent’s” is to go across the street from the Roosevelt Field Mall.


“Vincent’s Clam Bar” is an Italian style restaurant that serves huge portions of great Italian food for little cost and everyone can find something that they will wish to dive into.

Walking into the restaurant, we were greeted by the sight of what some may say generic for an Italian restaurant. Like any other Italian place, the dessert display case was front and center, filled with traditional ricotta cheesecake, tiramisu, napoleons, and cannoli. All of the furniture’s were made from dark wood and the tables were covered with pure white table clothes, not red and white-checkered patterns. Once you went towards the back of “Vincent’s” you were met with beautiful white lights stringed along the wall and pictures of black and white photographs of old celebrities.


After only having to wait a few minutes, my roommate and I were seated in a comfortable booth. The volume of the restaurant was on the loader side, but it wasn’t so noisy that we couldn’t hear each other speak.

Since we were able to look at the menu on their website, something that I feel every restaurant should be required to do, we were able to place our orders within a few minutes. This was, of course, after I gave our waitress the coupon that I printed out; if you subscribe to their newsletter you will receive a Free House Appetizer: Fried Mozzarella, Mini Meatballs, Fried Zucchini and Fried Ravioli.


We chose the mini meatballs as our free appetizer simply because we weren’t in the mood for anything fried. They came out within a few minutes, leading me to believe that they were pre made, but they were surprisingly good. I really liked the marinara sauce that they came with because it had a little sweetness to it.

Next we received our orders; we both ordered from the lunch menu and these portions were big enough to share for dinner.


My roommate ordered the chicken masala ($10.95) with a side of garlic oil broccoli and I ordered the chicken frencese ($10.95) with a Caesar side salad.


My roommate was lovely enough to let me have a bit of her chicken masala and broccoli so that I could include them in m review. They were both amazing and the only complaint I have is that they went a little heavy on the salt for both of her dishes. My chicken frenses was absolutely amazing; the lemon butter sauce was just the right thickness and the chicken was breaded very lightly. The Caesar salad on the other hand tasted as though it came from Kraft.


It was also very obvious that their plating appearance was not of much importance to them, but when the food is that good; I don’t believe that you need it.


Bottom line, “Would I go to Vincent’s again?” Yes, “Would I order the Caesar salad?” NO.



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