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For the Love of Cookies

Recently, one of my really good friends and I have decided to start an online cookie business. Named, “The Royal Bakery”, we will be selling sugar cookies dressed with royal icing designs. Our school is very big on Greek life so an example of one of our cookie design is Greek letters, but we also do personal messages, holidays, jokes, etc. We will also be selling “granny cookies”, which include chocolate chip, peanut butter and butter cookies with a jam filling.

All of this cookie business had got me thinking of, well, cookies!

So I figured I’d share with all of you guys just a handful of my favorite international cookies. They are sweet, delicious, and makes you feel just a teensy bit fancier.

Top Five International Cookies

-Russian Tea Cakes


-Scandinavian Almond Cookies


-Italian Pignoli Nut Cookies


-French Macaroons


-German Chocolate Chiparoons



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