Things To Do In Russia

Okay, I’ll admit, the first time I ever came encountered with anything related to Russia was watching the Disney animated movie Anastasia. That was my favorite movie growing up; I loved Anastasia’s golden dress, the songs “Once Upon a December” and “Wonderful Journey”, and the dancing scene in the Russian palace Ballroom during one of Anastasia’s memories.

Later on, during my junior high history class, my professor would pop my little Russia bubble and go on to teach about how it was a ice filled waste land with prostitutes and thieves (I never really liked that teacher…). Thinking that my little dream of visiting Russia was over, I soon erased Visiting Russia from my Bucket List.


And then comes high school, where I met an awesome exchange student from Moscow, Russia and quickly learned what Russia was really like, and I must say, it is better then Anastasia. So here are just a few places my Russian friend recommended that I visit.

-Visit the exhibitions of Russian History in The Hermitage Museum


-Shop along the merchants of The Red Square


-Watch an authentic Russian Ballet in the Mariinsky Theatre


-Window shop along the Tretyakovsky Proyezd Shops


 -Party at Posh Friends Night Club



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