Halloween Bashes

Rows and rows of gigantic bags of candy are popping up in your local drug stores, catalogs for Party City are sneaking into your newspaper, and pumpkins are sprouting up faster then they could be carved. So I’m going to take a wild guess and say that a certain fall holiday is fast approaching…


As a child, Halloween is seen as the greatest holiday that was every celebrated; perhaps, even greater then Christmas. It was the only time of the year where you could dress in whatever you wanted and stuff yourself full of candy without any repercussions; other then a little stomachache.


Fast-forward and you hit high school where it is no longer acceptable (by most people…) to go out trick or treating, and so, you start to branch out and attend parties instead. These parties, as you age, start to become crazier, spookier, and simply more amazing then the year before.

Now you are an adult and are, yet again, at a lost of what to do with your Halloween Night; your too old to go trick or treating or to a high school party and too young to stay home on this amazing night.

So what it a person to do?

Well go attend one of these Halloween bashes of course!

(Oh! Wow! I promise that I didn’t mean for that to sound so “sales persony”!)

All of these Halloween bashes are 18+, so you wont have to worry about being the oldest one at the party, and you wont have to endure that over bubbly princess hired to entertain all of the little munchkins.

These bashes are filled with spooky décor, spell bounding music and, creepy costumes.

-Festival of The Dead


Location: Salem, Massachusetts.

Price: $150.00


-Endless Night Vampire Ball


Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Price: $75.00


-Edward Gorey haunt Mansion Ball


Location: Manhattan, New York

Price: $30.00


 -Escape From Wonderland Bash


Location: San Francisco, California

Price: $85.00


-Mask Halloween Party


Location: Miami, Florida

Price: $47.50


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