Kate Winslet

“I’ll never let go Jack. I promise, I’ll never let go”
Sorry to burst your bubble Jack, but I believe that our little Rose has finally let go, of her “shield” at least.
The majority of celebrities build a shield during their time in the spotlight; they know when to share and when to keep their lips sealed. They are constantly creating this illusion around themselves as being “perfect”: “perfect” person, “perfect” partner, “perfect” parent, just a whole bunch of “PERFECT”.
And lets just say it how it is, no one is perfect!


During an interview with Vogue magazine, Kate Winslet, shared with us some of her imperfections. They were imperfections that I can guarantee that everyone has, and if you say you don’t, then sorry, but I don’t believe you. Kate mentioned her imperfection about speaking during an interview, or even with others, saying how she always comes up with the best answer after the interview was over. And I know that we can all agree with sharing the imperfection about speaking about something that just sounded “wrong”, when in your head, it sounded right.


To be honest, I kind of feel “wrong” when I use the word imperfection, because if there is no such thing as perfect, then how could anything be imperfect. I guess it’s just a Catch-22 of life!
This clip is short, only a couple of minutes, but it gave more insight into a celebrities mind then most hour-long interviews I have seen.
I also loved how she had that “Omg, did I actually just do that” moment after she googled herself; now I know we have all been there.

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