What Not To Wear

Has anyone every had this same experience as I have? And please, if you haven’t then just try to imagine it, and all of the shocking feelings that come along with it.

You had just found something new: it could be a new outfit, a new recipe, or a new television show. The first thought that pops in you head is “This is amazing!” or “I love this”, and so, you continue on wearing that outfit, making that recipe, or watching that television show. Then, after a few weeks or so, you start to realize some stuff that you weren’t aware of before; that outfit makes you look like a Disney character, that recipe was the reason who had been getting heartburn, or you just found the secret message of that television show. And so, your “This is amazing!” or “I love this” bubbles just popped like a balloon to a pin; poor balloon, it never had a chance…

I had that “Omg I love this!” to “Huh? Oh man that’s messed up” moment with a television show about seven episodes in. Yes, everyone, it took me an entire seven episode to realize what I was actually watching. No one likes judgers!


The television show that I was initially in love with was a reality based show, where a person would be nominated by their loved one and be chosen to receive an entire makeover. To help guide them on their “journey” of recreating their style was a man and a woman stylist mini team.


Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, duel- host of the TLC aired reality style makeover series, “What Not To Wear”, have been changing the wardrobes of fashion inept men and women one closet at a time.  At first I thought that this show was great; being a self-proclaimed fashionista myself, I wished I could have given those people makeovers myself. There were some contestants whose wardrobe were complete eyesores (and that’s me being nice).


But then after watching a few (*cough*cough* seven) I started to realize just what message this show, “What Not To Wear”, was sending out to their audiences.

  • You are not beautiful unless you dress perfectly.
  • If you are a woman, the majority of your shoes should be heals.
  • It doesn’t matter if you hate pink, you must wear it if you are a woman.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are a tomboy/lesbian, you will look like a girl by the end of the show.
  • You must always wear makeup (seriously, there have been some gorgeous women on this show and they still put makeup on them!)
  • $5,000 will buy you an entire new wardrobe in NYC (I’m sorry, what? I lived there my whole life and the most I could get with $5,000 is a new Spring wardrobe)
  • All women like the same style and should only wear that style.

There are so many more messages that are being delivered by this show, but the most prominent one that I got was, “If you do not dress perfectly in the eyes of society, then you are not beautiful”.  I don’t need to go into how detrimental that is to a persons self esteem, it’s common knowledge.


What I don’t understand is how Stacy and Clinton can portray that message? On their twitter feeds, they are constantly posting sayings about how beautiful people are and that they should always be their own person.

“I don’t argue style on the basis of tastes. If you feel like you’ve reached your personal best, don’t change.”-Stacy
“Go run to the nearest mirror and tell yourself out loud, “You are one hot bitch””- Clinton

So do Stacy and Clinton believe that everyone is beautiful just the way they are or do they need to go on a television show in order to reach the prize of beauty? It is sending very mixed messages…


“What Not To Wear” was a show that publicly shamed people about their appearance and makes the family pay $5,000 (that’s right, the show doesn’t pay for the gift card. They family and friends do). I may love fashion and dressing people up like my own personal dolls, but I never tell them what they can’t wear. If I have a friend who is goth, and they allow me to pick out their outfit for them, then I am going to pick out one amazing GOTH outfit.

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