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One Pot Wonders

If there was one thing that my mother taught me about cooking, it was the belief that simple was the best. Now, I don’t mean simple as in making a dish with only five ingredients, but simple in the fact of using as little tools as possible. Honestly, I still think that her reason behind teaching me this rule is so that she has to wash fewer dishes after dinner. She usually goes by the rule that there should only be six tools in the sink after the meal was finished: a spoon, a cutting board, a meat knife, a vegetable knife, and a pot/pan.


My mother was never a gifted cook, one of the reasons why I took over the families cooking, but this rule has helped me in many dishes. I have learned that, just because you don’t have a dozen dishes in the sink, doesn’t mean that the dish you’re cooking is boring.  Instead, having fewer dishes means that you need to waste less of your precious time washing and drying them, and instead, use that time to spend with the people you care about eating the meal that you prepared them.


Since coming to college the majority of my dishes that I have made have been one-pot dishes: stews, soups, cobblers, pastas. They are so simple and delicious.

Plus! If there are fewer dishes in the sink then your friends are more likely to wash them for you…

Here are some recipes for one-pot/pan meals and they all look amazing! I am definitely going to try the cioppino!

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