For Sale?

Every time I take a trip into my local food market, the first thing that I always do is head in the direction of the fruits and vegetable section. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love fruits and vegetables, but they are not the reason why I make that section my first stop. The reason for that stop is solely to check out if a “SALE” sign has been taken down yet. For the last three years, there has been a for sale sign dangling directly above a row of white button mushrooms; 2 for $5 (Save $5!). Like I said before, I absolutely love fruits and vegetables, but why is that sign still up after three years? Wouldn’t it just be easier to change their price to $2.50 each, instead of constantly boasting a “sale”.


I believe that if you are boasting the same sale price for an object after a year, then you should just change the set price!

The tactic of yelling sale and putting up “Buy One Get One Free” signs has been used by many clothing stores, both boutique and department stores, in a way to raise sales. Well, I’m sorry to break everyone’s bubble, but this is a marketing manipulation tool that has been used since the beginning of markets.


Think of it like this…

There is an amazing pair of leather boots with an out of your league price tag. You want these boots, heck, you need these boots, but sadly, the price is just too high. As you are about to walk away from your “Would-be New BFF’s”, you look down and see the golden ticket, a “For Sale 50% Off” sign. You’re so happy, because now you can buy those boots, and the next thing you know, you are walking out of the mall with them already on your feet. Two months past and you decide to go to the mall again (let’s pretend that there was a major blizzard keeping you from the mall…) and you past the same store. Then you see it, that sign saying “For Sale 50%off”, and the same thing happened for an entire year. You start to think that the sign will never come down, and soon realize, that you are right.


A person is more likely to buy something with a sale sign attached to it, but after being on sale for a year, that should just be the items new price.

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