BeGone, Under Eye Circle

The moon is rising up to the sky earlier.
The leaves are turning the colors of fire.
Boots and jacket are released from the closet.
Well guy, it seems that summer has finally left us, and in its place came fall. It’s time for use to start to put away our summer dresses and shorts and air out our sweaters and scarfs (Both of which I am hooping are still in style!). But the coming of fall does not always bring good things. Sure, we now have another wardrobe to play dress up and holiday treats coming our way, but with all of the good comes the bad. The form of “bad” I’m talking about is the coldness, the sniffling, running noises, and to my absolute horror, under eye circle.
Under eye circles are, aside from acne, one of the worst things that a person could have on their face. They have the ability to make you look older, sick, “droopy”, and tired. Your eyes could be stunning, but if your face is graced with under eye circles, their beauty will be down casted. Under eye circles will make any beautiful face seem “tarnished”. I apologize if that sounded a little harsh, but you must admit, it is true.
The worst part about the under eye circles that you get during the fall and winter months is that they wont go away. No matter how many hours of sleep you get, how little caffeine you drink, or sugar you eat, the under eye circles remain in place. That’s because, unlike other under eye circles, these are caused by dormant allergies. Allergies are at their strongest during the colder seasons, and so, are more likely to get a reaction out of you. Hence, the under eye circles.
Under eye circles are, in my opinion, the hardest things to cover up with a concealer or foundation. No matter how much you put on, you can always see the slight darkening of the under eye. I have not even mastered how to cover up my seasonal under eye circle, which is why I turned to YouTuber’s for help.
After searching and searching, and then searching some more, I think I found the perfect video for covering up under eye circles!
I hope you all enjoy and try it out!
PS: Don’t for get to subscribe to the YouTuber(XSparkage). All of her videos are amazing and we will be seeing many more of her videos.

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