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MakeUp No-No’s

Last night, or perhaps I should say early this morning, I was waiting for the last bus to come and pick a group of us up from our local market. Of course, the bus decided to just not make an appearance, and so, I had to waste my time and money on a taxi, but that was a whole different story…
While waiting for the taxi to show up, and with nothing more then a dying phone, the sheer boredness was starting to take it’s toll on my sanity. In order to not braid and unbraid my hair for the tenth time, in a hope to entertain myself, I started to people watch.
Leaning against the brick wall of the market, squeezed between the tables filled with Halloween pumpkins and cinnamon scented pinecones (At least my boredom had a nice smell to it!), I stood back and just watched.


You would be surprise at how detailed you can see a person with only a few seconds of extra staring.

(Yes, I know that sounded a little on the creepy side, but you must remember that I am at my whits end with boredom!)
I saw how a woman’s hair was cut in a crooked angle, like the hairdresser was using a diagonal line as inspiration. I saw how a little boy had a ring of yellow around his olive green eyes, it was the first time I ever saw that on any person, aside from myself. I saw people’s traits, figures, perfections, and imperfections.


I saw how many people don’t know how to put on foundation correctly, “rock” the spider lashes and are self-made raccoons.
This video is a “How NOT To Wear Makeup”, where she shows you the biggest makeup mistakes and how to fix them. I believe that every person needs to watch these sort of videos at least once in their lifetime. Preferably, before they start wearing makeup at all…

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