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Spring Fashion Week 2014 Makeup

This video, produced by the makeup company, Maybelline, give us an inside look of the Spring 2014 Fashion Week.
The trends to follow during the spring season are fresh, dainty and beautiful.


For skin try glowing and slightly dewy skin; which can be created with Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation and Mineral Power Powder Foundation. For lips try girly and innocent; which can be created with Maybelline’s Baby Lips Electro Shock in Strike A Rose. For eyebrows try full and natural; which can be created by Maybelline’s Eye Studio Master Shape Eye Pencil. For mascara, this year subtle is everything, so go for a very light coat of Maybelline’s Great Lash Clear Mascara. For eyeshadow, go for lighter shades; which can be created by Expert Wear Eyeshadow Trio in Chocolate Mousse. For cheeks, go for rose, yet subtle, with the use of Maybelline’s Fit Me Blush.


I felt that since this video was given by Maybelline, that it would only be fair to include Maybelline’s makeup products in the description of how to gain these wonderful spring looks. Maybelline is one of my favorite makeup line, and so, it wasn’t exactly a struggle to find an amazing product for each need.


The Spring 2014 Fashion Shows are the opposite of the Fall 2014 Fashion Shows; where Fall 2014 was daring and striking, Spring 2014 was beautiful and Natural.
I guess the saying “In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb” has some true in it.

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