Black Widow

They say, that behind every great man, there is an even greater woman guiding him through the path to greatness.

It seems that comic books, both Marvel and DC, had gotten the memo and have a history of pairing up hero men with heroine women. Though there may not be a romantic relationship between the hero and heroine, the heroine is always seen as a sort of life boat for the hero to hold onto their sanity and true self.

Besides, can you ever imagine Superman with any woman other then Louise Lane? Sorry Wonderwoman, but you have a better chance of getting with Magneto from X-Men.


This brings us to my favorite heroine, Black Widow, an agent for the corporation “Steal”. In the comic book world she is seen as one of the greatest “turn-arounds” and most valuable assassin. Though she has never had a direct pairing with any of the superhero men, I feel that she is the perfect woman to guide Captain America on his path to true greatness and letting go of the past. Where Captain America is serious and overly honorable, Black Widow is wild and unpredictable.


This chemistry was seen in the 2012 film, “Avengers”, and you were able to catch moments of it in the 2014 film, “Captain America 2”, commercial. But the chemistry between Captain America and Black Widow was not the only thing that viewers noticed. In fact, the Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansen, has been making a certain change between each of her films.


The first thing I noticed though, when the camera was on Black Widow, wasn’t her amazing fighting movies or gymnastic abilities. The first thing that came through my mind was, “Huh? She changed her hair again!”, and I’m not sure what to think of these changes!

During her movie debut in Iron Man 2, Black Widow rock a full head of long dark red curls, giving her both a sexualized and innocent look.


Then the movie Avengers came, Black Widow had cut her hair just below the ears and dyed it a lighter shade of red, giving her a more serious and edgy look.


In the most recent movie, Captain America 2, Black Widow grew out her hair to her shoulders, dyed it a darker red, and straightened it. Personally, I do not like this new look at all because it makes her look a little plain and Black Widow is definitely NOT plain.


Every great man has an even greater woman to guide them, but are these women seen first as beauty objects, rather then superheroes? Why was Black Widow’s appearance the first things that I, as well as many others, noticed?


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