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Bad 2000’s Fashion

Looking back on the “What was I thinking” trends, one may be filled with dread, embarrassment, and even a little nostalgia of the 80s.

That’s right, I said the 80s, because when one looks back on “bad” trends the first things that pops into your head are parachute pants, stretch stir-up pants, collar ripped shirts, and shoulder pads.  The 80’s are seen as the iconic “Bad Trend” area and usually the butt of the jokes when talked about what not to where. Their bad trends are so well known that they are even used as top sellers for costumes in Halloweens stores.

Though the 80s are seen as the iconic era for bad trends, that doesn’t allow other eras to escape from the “What was I thinking” trend draw.

As a millennial woman, I am told that our era was the best dressed of the century. We didn’t have to put up with the thick wool skirts in the 1950’s or the hideous printed bellbottom pants of the 1960’s. But what most people seem to forget is that the years of the 2000s had it far share of “Oops!” There are even some trends, which are still in the farthest end of my closet, that cause me to bow my head in shame. So let’s be honest, there are a few trends on the 2000s that I would even trade in for a nice pair of leg warmers.

Bad 2000’s Trends

  • Trucker Hats


  • Juicy Couture Track Suits


  • Overly Ripped Jeans


  • Ugg Boots


  • Feather Skirts


So, lets take a vote! Who wants to join the mob of angry fashion bloggers and boutique owners in their march for the person who started to ugg boot trend?

Pamela Anderson, I knew there was a reason you cut your hair, but that disguise won’t help for long!



  1. I definitely fell victim to the Ugg boot trend – and I have no idea why, there are so many other boots that are just as comfy! Rara skirts and headbands right across the middle of your forehead are my other two big offenders…

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