Toro Restaurant Review

In honor of Boston Red Sock’s win in the World Series, I thought that it would only be appropriate to have a restaurant review on a Boston turn New York restaurant. So like any good writer, I roped my friends into coming with me to a newly opened restaurant that was perfect for my idea. My friends also saved me from having to order three different entrees by myself and, let’s be honest, eat all three entrees on my own.


The Toro restaurant, located between 15th street and 11th avenue in Manhattan, is a Barcelona inspired restaurant. Originally opened in the South End of Boston, the restaurant was a hit among the locals and a favorite among the tourist.  Fast-forward a few years and the restaurant was expanded to Manhattan and is just as big of a hit as the original restaurant.

The true talents behind the restaurant are the co-owners/chefs, Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette, who infused their knowledge of Barcelona cuisine with American taste.  Creating Barcelona inspired cuisine and tapas, the dynamic duo is constantly creating new dishes that spark the taste buds and warm the belly.


Walking into the restaurant you are hit with the beautiful Spanish inspired décor. Wood panels that hang from the ceiling, dark orange and monogamy brown tables and chairs, and of course, their iconic bull is seen in various places along the restaurant.  The most eye catching piece of the restaurant is the bottom to top wall of various wines, beers and liquors; whose colors are so different then one another, that they someone, just work.


Toro’s food is just as beautiful as the décor, and even more flavorful; a combination that makes any restaurant worth going to twice.

Filete A La Plancha ($15) was delicious and flavorful with the marinated skirt steak and red onion marmalade; the portion was just the right size and the flavor combination was amazing.


Asado De Hueso ($16) was a dish full of flavor and spices, but unfortunately, it tasted like the spices were used with a too heavy of a hand. So if you wish to order this dish, then make sure you order a side of bread to calm your mouth.


Toro is a beautiful restaurant filled with influences from both Barcelona and North East, which offers affordable dishes and eye-catching décor. This restaurant is worth going to if you wish to have a taste of authentic Spanish cuisine.


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