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The saying, as I recall, is “Money Makes The World Go Round” and who could blame it? Everyone needs to have some amount of money, whether it’s $300 to buy those new Marc Jacobs black with gold lined flats or $1.25 to buy a candy bar while you are waiting on line. From buying expensive designer shoes to cheap craving stoppers, money is essential to life

And wouldn’t it be amazing to have just a little more money in your bank account, even if it is only a few hundred? Remember a few hundred could mean an extra pair of shoes or a nice couple of nights out in the city.

In my quest to make a few extra hundreds, I have tried online surveys, craigslist freelancing, and local babysitting. Not surprisingly, most of these jobs were bust and ended up costing me more money then they what I made. So after asking around and searching the web, I have found a way to make money using my talents and creative mind.

Due to the popularity of Etsy, a handmade version of Amazon and EBay, more and more craft sites are popping up. The tough part is finding out which sites are worth the time, and which, should just be passed by.

Top 5 Craft Sites

  • ArtFire


  • DaWanda


  • iCraft


  • Craftly


  • Folksy


These are the best homemade craft sites that I was able to find and even have a few accounts with a couple of them. You can sell homemade items, art works, food, and vintage items. If I am being completely honest with everyone, you won’t get rich from selling on these sites, but you will make a nice buck!

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