Little Black Dress

My nana has always enforced three rules of fashion.
1.) Classiness is found in a single strand of pearls or a single diamond necklace.
2.) It is always better to buy good quality clothes, even if they are expensive, because they will last longer then the “bargain buys”.
3.) When in doubt, always wear a little black dress.
These rules are simple, easy to accomplish, and will promise that you will never regret an outfit choice. Just think, when was the last time you saw a Facebook or Twitter page criticizing a young woman wearing a black dress with a diamond necklace? Never you say…
Although these three rules are easy to follow, I have noticed that there are still a few out there who just haven’t mastered it yet. Last week, I saw a woman in her sixties wearing a backless little black dress with hot pink spiked heels. I must say, I was kind of afraid.
For those of you who have not mastered the little black dress, or just want some more fashion ideas (we can never have to many of those!), this is where this video comes in.
Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, host of What Not To Wear, have uploaded a video teaching viewers tips and tricks of wearing a little black dress. From what accessories to match with which dress to what is age appropriate, this video with help you achieve your black belt of the little black dress.

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