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Not Again!

Aside from the few post about trends, I have always tried to keep my opinion on trends to a minimum, perhaps only a single post every two weeks. My reason? Well, I’m guessing that all of you guys are already bombarded with the site of trend after trend. From articles in Vogue to clips on E! News, from even your entire university or work place, trends are anything but subtle.


This is an emergency, though, so I’m going to “bend” my far-and-few trend post for this one time. I can’t just go on with my life and act as though this isn’t happening right in front of us, every day.

Sounds a bit dramatic? Perhaps. But once your hear my reasoning behind this post, you may agree with me.


The trend of over-all brings back bad memories for me as a child, when my mother would dress me in oversized magenta over-alls after cutting my bangs only an inch long. All while I was missing my two front teeth.

I hate over-alls, I think they look messy and are not stylish at all. Not only that, but they make you look twenty pounds heavier then you are and doesn;t give your figure any definition.

Put the over-alls away! Trust me, they will not never be missed…

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