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Jennifer Lopez Dolls

Recently, the toy makers of Mattel have introduced to the public the first ever Jennifer Lopez dolls, or as others are saying, the JLo Barbie. The JLo Barbie was first shown to the public eye when it was featured in the Barbie Twitter page. The twitter post showed two JLo Barbies; one was wearing the dress that Jennifer Lopez wore to the 2012 Oscar and the other is wearing the gemstone body suit that she wore during a performance of her World Tour.


The Twitter post read, “Follow your dreams like JLO! Her Versatile talents and style are captured in two new barbie dolls!”

Now, I have absolutely no problem with there being a Jennifer Lopez version of a barbie doll, because she definitely wouldn’t be the first or last celebrity to have their own doll created after them. Remember the Amy Winehouse barbie, or the Lady Gaga barbie, and what strings did Nicki Minaj have to pull to get her barbie? Honestly, I am just surprised that there wasn’t a JLo Barbie released sooner. Jennifer Lopez is not even at her highest point at this time; the barbie should had been released when she was touring for “Jenny on the Block”.


I am not surprised by this newly released JLo Barbie, but what I am surprised about is how it looks. The Barbie twit said that it had the likeness of Jennifer Lopez, well, I must call out liar. The only thing the doll has that resembles Jennifer Lopez is her tanned skin and darker hair. Aside from the coloring, the barbie doll looks just like that, a barbie doll. The toy makers of Mattel have even gone as far as completely erasing JLo’s famous curves. Where is the jean inspired JLo butt go?


Surprisingly though, Jennifer Lopez said that she was very happy with how the doll came out. In a video promoting the doll’s release, Lopez admits, “I wanted to live in Barbie’s world, I wanted to be Barbie. I think Barbie represents infinite possibilities.”

If Jennifer likes the doll, then I guess it is here to stay! Hey has anyone seen “Real Woman” Barbie lately…

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