Morning Drinks

Going to 8:00 a.m. college classes makes you realize just how important ones morning hot drink truly is. It gives you that little “POP” to wake you up, it warms your belly, and gives your tongue a slight shock after being untouched for the late six to eight hours. To most people, their morning hot beverage will be a replacement for their breakfast, and it is because of this, that one should always make their drink worthy of the morning.

Being an avid drinker of morning hot drinks, and I’m guilty to say a breakfast replacer, I take time in finding my perfect drink of the morning. I know that it will be the only thing I can consume until my first class lets out at 10:30 a.m., so I always make sure that my body is receiving some sort of benefit from the drink that I choose for that specific morning. Unlike most people, I am not a coffee person, or a tea person, or a hot chocolate person, but I am an EVERYTHING person.

Unknown to many people are the benefits that your morning hot drink provides for you, and that some, may even be healthier then your jellied toast.

  • Hot Chocolate


According to an article, featured in FoxNews, drinking hot chocolate is very beneficial to your brain, and by drinking two cups a day, prevent alzheimer’s disease. This is said to be happen because the combination of calcium and chocolate helps the blood flow and neuron activity. Well, docs, you don’t have to tell me twice!

  • Tea


According to an article, published in the Huffington Post, drinking tea has six amazing benefits, from your physical appearance to your state of mind. Drinking a cup of tea a day an lead to: weight loss, less stress, younger looking skin, better eye sight, prevention of diabetes, and protection of your cardio valves. In a 2010 study, it was proven that the consumption of tea can prevent, and heal, diabetes.

  • Coffee


According to an article, published in Eating Well, coffee is extremely beneficial to a person’s heart and entire cardio system. A study showed that moderate coffee drinkers, meaning 1-3 cups of Jo a day, are at a significantly lower risk of stroke then non-coffee drinkers. Some researchers believe that the compounds might boost activation of nitric oxide, aka, lower blood pressure.

  • Hot Water & Lemon


According to an article, featured in Tasty Yummies, drinking hot water with lemon can aide in the “fixing” of many of your inner ailments. By drinking a cup of hot water with lemon every morning, you will be able to: cleanse your system (We all know what that means!), boost your immune system, aide your digestion, balance your pH levels, freshen your breath, and promote the healing of bones and muscle tissue. Hot water with lemon is also said to raise your energy levels, an important feature for those of us with early mornings!

Whether I grab a cup of coffee from the Dunkin Donuts across the street from my dorm building, steal one of my roommates tea bags (Ssshhh!!), or order a hot chocolate from the cafe on my campus, I always make sure that I start my day with a hot beverage. I loved hot beverages before I knew that they were heathy, but now I have an excuse to drink that second cup of hot chocolate…

“Guys, guys, I’m helping my brain now…”

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