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Bryant Park Holiday Shops

“Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

 But The Fire Is So Delightful

 And Since We’ve No Place To Go

 Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”

You would think, that after listening to Christmas carols every winter for the past nineteen years of my life, that I would chosen a side between the original version and Jessica Simpson’s version. But, alas, I am sad to say that I simply can not choose. My deep rooted love of all things classic and my teenage self ( I keep trying to get rid of it, but it just keeps coming back at the sound of Eminem and Lady Gaga…) keeps fighting each other on my choice of favorite.


Though it has yet to snow here in New York, the holiday feelings are coming alive through more and more decorations popping up, Starbucks releasing their festive flavors, and how can we forget, summer and spring clothes are hitting the sales racks in your favorite stores. With the holiday season coming towards us, the celebrations are set to begin, and the displays of Manhattan are competing to be the best. As a born and raised New Yorker, I grew up with these festive traditions, and as such, have a favorite.


Set to open up on November 15th, Bryant Park will be displaying various Holiday Shops, as a way to open itself up to the coming holiday season. Located in the Bryant Park area, on 42nd street in the Midtown West, the park will transform itself into a winter wonderland. Filled with display cases of traditional holiday scenes, festive shops, and plenty of holiday inspired snacks and drinks, the Bryant Park Holiday Shops gave somethings for people of all beliefs.


Being only on their 13th anniversary, the Bryant Park Holiday Shops are still considered babies compared to the rest of New York’s winter holiday traditions, and therefore, are on a move to prove their worth to the people. Without a history like the Time Square Christmas Tree, or media like the Rockets, the Bryant Park Holiday Shops work on only their festive nature and ability to make one feel like they are warm and cosy, even when the temperature reaches into the teens.

The Bryant Park Holiday Shops are opened from November 15- January 5, so bring your family and friends and enjoy a winter festive afternoon. Or, leave your friends and family at home and buy their gifts at one of the various shops!

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