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Recently, I have been hearing about more and more clothing designers branching off from the fabrics and mannequins, and making themselves known in the makeup industry.

Designers, who are famed for their talents and creative eye in the clothing industry, are starting to release their own lines of makeup and beauty products. This kind of reminds me of how it is almost a right of passage for celebrities to release their own line of perfume; once your scent hits the store shelfs, you know that you have made it!

In the past few years, it has been trending as a right of passage for designers to release their own makeup line. Lets look at some of the designers that have made the biggest “splash” in the cosmetic world.

  • Karl Lagerfeld


  • Tom Ford


  • Marc Jacobs


  • Dolce & Gabbana


  • Tory Burch


Though I will say that these makeup lines are absolutely beautiful, almost as much as the designer’s fashion lines, I couldn’t help but be just a little “miffed”. Breaking into the fashion industry is said to be one of the hardest industries to get into to, some say, even harder then breaking into a career in politics. With only a minimal amount of room for talent, why should fashion designers “invade” makeup lines; why not allow a person, who has yet to make their mark in the fashion and cosmetic world, to have their chance in the limelight?

These makeup lines are beautiful, with something for every person’s style, but are fashion designers taking over the cosmetics industry?




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