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Pancake Batter Uses

People who are close to me know, that my way of welcoming someone into my family or friend group, is not to make dinner for them. But instead, it is to make them a breakfast of pancakes. The reason this is simple, I absolutely hate making pancakes, because there are so many things that can go wrong. The first, second, third, fourth pancake never comes out good, either it’s raw in the middle or burnt on the crust. The pan needs to be at just the right temperature, or else, you risk burning the butter and turning the pancakes an ugly darkened color. Making pancakes is to time consuming, you must make the batter, cook the pancakes, flip the pancakes, cook the pancakes, serve the pancakes, put toppings on the pancakes. So, personally, I rather just make a big batch of scrambled eggs and bacon; it’s a lot easier, faster, and tastier.

The thing is though, is that my family always seems to have pancake batter in our house, so I have found other ways to use that messy, soupy, batter.

  • Donut


  • Fried Chicken


  • Yorkshire Pudding


  • Pizza Crust


  • Onion Ring


There are many ways that one can use pancake batter in their other cooking. From sweet to savory, there is always a recipe that can be improved from pancake batter!

Here’s a secret for everyone! IHOP puts pancake batter in their eggs to make them fluffy…

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