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Keeping Up With The Closet

I was never one to throw, or give away, clothes. Telling myself that I could always find somethings to do with that five year old leopard halter top, or maybe there will be an event in which I could wear that pastel purple sweetheart dress, it was not a mystery of how my closet started to invade the rest of my house. Simply keeping old clothes wasn’t the problem, but it was the fact that I went shopping on a regular basis, thus causing my clothing collection to grow out out of control, that was the true problem.

What was worse, though, was the fact that I didn’t get rid of any item of clothing, even if they were stained, ripped, or too small. Instead of would stuff them in my closet, my drawers, under my bed, a multiple boxes in the basement. But I never took them out of the house. I was always afraid that the minute I threw something out, I would find out that I needed it later on; I always hated that feeling.

The only time when my closet gets “just a little more spacey” is when my mother and sister decide to do it for me. Any chance they get, they will throw out my clothes, even the pieces that still have tags on them, and claim to be saving me. What they don’t know is that I hide most of my clothes…

My whole experience had got me thinking; do other people keep clothes as much as I do and what type of clothes do they keep? Here are the Top Five items of clothing that people keep far after their ‘expiration’ date.

  • Socks Withs Holes In Them


  • Leggings That Have Faded


  • Clothes That Are Too Young 


  • Heels That Are Scuffed


  • Clothes From “Your” Era


I am not going to tell everyone to throw out their entire wardrobes after reading this article, or even to keep every piece of clothing they buy (Unless your mother and sister decide to throw them out!). What I am going to say, is this, if in the future there is a major party that requires you to wear a leopard shirt, emerald tights, a leather jacket, and hot pink pumps. Im covered!

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